Water pH Adjustments


A pH level is a measurement of acid-base equilibrium, and indicates whether a substance is acidic or basic. The pH scale ranges from 0-14, levels less than 7 are acidic and levels greater than 7 are basic. Healthy drinking water safe for consumption should have a pH range of 6-8.5, as this level is neither acidic nor alkaline enough to be dangerous in the human body.

Water with a pH of less than 6 can be corrosive, filled with toxic metals, and break down metal (copper) fixtures in your plumbing system. Water with pH levels higher than 8.5 can be hard, taste bad and leave scale deposits on dishes, sinks and more.

At Major League Plumbing, our water quality experts will perform comprehensive testing on water pH levels and perform adjustments to remove any unwanted contaminants and stabalize properties such as pH and mineral content. Contact our team of professionals today for a free estimate!