Well Pump Service


Well Pump Repair & Replacement Services

Well pumps are the heart of water well systems, their job is to extract water from the well into your home. The most commonly used well pumps in residences are jet pumps and submersible pumps, the depth of the water table determines the type of pump your home requires.

The amount of water used in the home is also a contributing factor and must be taken into consideration, well pumps are not meant to be over-worked and constantly running. Many other factors can play a role in decreasing the life span of a well pump, including algae, silt, sand and other contaminants.

At Major League Plumbing, our professionals specialize in residential well pump repair and replacement! We offer emergency service 7 days a week, contact us today for a free estimate!

Well Pump Service

Signs Your Well Pump May Need To Be Replaced or Repaired

  • Air in the system, faucets sputtering frequently.
  • Poor water pressure.
  • No water flow from fixtures.
  • Your well pump is constantly running.
  • Dirty or murky water.
  • Abnormally high electricity bills.
  • Noises coming from plumbing pipes such as vibrations, groans or other atypical sounds.
  • Growling, grinding or groaning sounds coming from your well pump.
  • Short cycles, well pump runs for less than a minute then shuts off.